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Frequintly asked Questions

Q: What is in Slippy?

A: It is a powder concentrate for a water based lubricant.  It is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and easy to use.  Slippy has a benign taste and smell. 


Q: How do I prepare Slippy from the powder?

A: Fill a 2 litre plastic water bottle with 1 litre of clean water and add 2 teaspoons of Slippy powder or 9 grams if you have a scale that can measure that.  Shake for about 30 seconds until water starts to appear viscous.  It is now ready to use.  But if you need less, use less, if you need more, use more.  It is versatile in the way that the user decides the lubrication (s)he needs.


Q: What does Slippy contain?

A: The final mixture is 99.1% water of your own choosing.  What you get in the concentrate is pharma grade polyethylene glycol and food grade dispersants and a buffer.  All of these are originally meant for human ingestion sourced from Western Europe and no compromise will be made on that.


Q: Can I use seawater to prepare Slippy?

A: Slippy can be prepared with sea water, hard water, hot and cold water.  You will just need more and it might affect the viscosity. 


Q: Can I put more Slippy into the solution?

A: Yes you can, it might be difficult to dissolve it after a certain point.  A food processor might be handy here.  It is after all a non-toxic product.


Q: What will happen if I ingest Slippy?

A: It could have a laxative effect and here we advise you seek medical advice.


Q: How long can I keep prepared Slippy?

A: Please prepare only what you need for the next 48hours.  You can freeze and microwave Slippy if there is some left over.  It does not support microbial life so it should not go off but microbes are amazing and can adapt to use it as food source


Q: Is Slippy dangerous in any way?

A: Yes.  If discarded onto hard walking surfaces it poses a slipping risk.  Be careful where you discard your Slippy after use.


Q: How do I get Slippy off myself?

A: A rub down with a towel will suffice and Slippy is highly water soluble so a simple rinse will remove it.


Q: Will Slippy stain fabric or leave a residue?

A: Stain no, leave a residue, likely in most cases.


Q: Can I mix an antiseptic with Slippy?

A: Yes, Slippy works with a wide range of antiseptics.  Be careful to follow the instructions of the antiseptic and remember that if you are going to be exposed to the antiseptic for prolonged periods of time you could be affected differently from short exposures.

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